Now I Know My ABC's....

With a bit of a break between Part A and Part B of the Make Art That Sells E-Course, many of my fellow classmates and I were feeling a bit lost without the structure of weekly assignments and goals. Just as a little assignment for myself, I decided to work on a collection and decided to go with something both timeless and kiddo-oriented: The Alphabet! 

I announced to the MATS e-course facebook group what my plans were to let people know that they could join me if they wanted to do their own alphabet series. While I initially did this to serve as a way to hold myself accountable to my own goals, I was surprised and thrilled to hear that many of my classmates wanted to join in the fun.

The response was so big that I started a Flickr Group where we can share our designs as we create them, follow along with each other, and offer support and encouragement. As of today, there are 102 members of the group-- how exciting!!

My plan is to do one letter per week, though I may do more or less depending on my outside workload. I will be posting them here on the blog in groups of 4 or so, but if you'd like to see them as they are created, be sure to "Like" the Buck & Libby Facebook Page, where I will post them one by one!

To start, here are A and B that I have completed so far. Having SOOO much fun with this collection and excited to see what develops! 

Any suggestions for upcoming C and D?